About ClaudyGO'D


ClaudyGO'D - Singer and Songwriter

ClaudyGO'D AKA Claudette George-Okorie is an American born but with both Nigerian and Sierraleonian heritage. Claudette has been a lover of Jesus since 1996. She rededicated her life in 2000 shortly after graduation from University and has followed God very passionately ever since then. During a session of fellowship with God in Nashville TN, 2003, Claudette heard God say to her “I love your worship.” This she logged into her heart and also her diary at the time. She would often hear this during times of praise and worship to God but wasn’t sure about what it implied.

She later felt called to ministry and relocated to Tulsa Oklahoma later the same year to attend Oral Roberts University with the intent to become a Minister. As God would have it she wound up attending School of Worship, Victory Bible Institute, a bible college affiliated with Victory Christian Center which she attended at the time.  

Several years later in January of 2018, while living in California, Claudette was divinely motivated to write songs and put together her album “Lord of My Heart.” This inspiration came right after a special time of seeking God’s direction for herself for the new year and for her life. Claudette has always known she has a great purpose and that her purpose is wrapped around loving others. Through these God inspired songs she wants to share God’s love to a suffering and lost world.

Claudette’s songs come in pop, hip-hop and R&B styles, all to tell of her appreciation of God’s passionate affection for her and the amazing things He has done in her life. Each of Claudette’s song has its own unique message -

“Good-Good God” praises God for His goodness in her life and her thankfulness to Him loving her more than she ever possibly can love Him.

“Your presence” conveys the message that our life is wrapped around God and that we would be nothing if not for His grace and love.

“Nothing like” sings about how God is unique to us in several different ways. She sums it up by saying there’s no one like Him in the entire world.

“Wow God” speaks about how Claudette is amazed at God. God had showed up for her when she had given up and totally turned what seemed like an impossible situation around.

“Show forth” is about wanting to be an exhibit for God after everything He has done to give her a new life and another chance.

She closes out this extended play album with - “Lord of my heart" coined from Psalm 139 and inspired by a ministration of TV Evangelist Marilyn Hickey. She describes this song as her love song to God and His love song to her. The song speaks about how God knew her from her mother’s womb and how she can never get away from His amazing love. Claudette has chosen to surrender willingly to the “Lord of her heart”.

Christmas Single- "Father Christmas"

Inspired by the mighty works of God, His amazing miracles, God's abundant kindness, and His lavishness of love that I have been privileged to observe demonstrated through Pastor Alph Lukau (South Africa), Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin (Nigeria) and a couple of other humble men of God. This realization came to mind just a couple of weeks to Christmas and I thought Jesus is truly the real Father Christmas! I have also seen so much of God's goodness in my life even when I haven't felt like I deserved. I heard the Lord say, "take out some time and sit with me and I'll give you a song about me for Christmas, how I would like it". Jesus is indeed the true Father Christmas!

As Claudette reviews the words "I love your worship" in that long kept diary, she is in awe of God's faithfulness.