It's a new day


Upbeat and uplifting Music. Highly Inspirational

The song “it’s a new day” aka “thank you for today” was birth as a result of the need for me to uniquely connect with God first thing in the morning! I was thinking of that one song to start my day with. A song that would absolutely acknowledge God, give Him praise and cause me completely surrender my day to Him. Sort of like a break-into-the-day type of morning song!
As I worked on the song, it also started to serve as chorus for the family as we are committed to having a regular early morning family worship time. We actually started to sing the unpublished version of the song a few months before the release of the song. The family continues to honor God with this fun and inspiring song before everyone heads out to school or their workplaces. The purpose of this song to ClaudyGOD’s audience is to help the listener get into their day happy, thankful, expectant and optimistic! They inadvertently make a prayer to the Creator, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ while also making a positive confession on how the day should go. The bible clearly teaches that we declare a thing and it is established (Job 22:28). Additionally, it is a song to motivate the listener to acknowledge yesterday is gone and it’s the start of a new day with new the hope of new opportunities. Similarly, the intent is ultimately to honor God for giving us a new life and a new day. It positions us to thank Him as He is the giver of all good things we continue to enjoy! Finally, “It’s a new day” symbolizes the dawn of a new adventure in the life of a believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It reminds them of why they need to be thankful for this rebirth and the loads of blessings that come with this new day!

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